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Do We Need to Rethink Social Media?

socialmedia culture privacy safety · Posted 12 May 2021

Social media as we know it is a concept that, merely thirty years ago, was alien in comparison to the basic bulletin board system or forum site. In the advent of things like Myspace or, hell, even Facebook in its early days, the idea of “social media conglomerates” were preposterous...

Cover for 'Diversify Your Portfolio: How to Try New Things as a Developer'

Diversify Your Portfolio: How to Try New Things as a Developer

skills learning development hobbies · Posted 06 May 2021

One of the greatest fears a developer may face is not code that suddenly works or git push –force, it’s becoming stagnant. Okay, maybe it’s not the biggest fear we have, but it is for sure near the top of the list. With the pandemic keeping many of us stuck...

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So, you want to become a web developer?

learning webdev beginner progress · Posted 27 April 2021

Web development: the art of making the World Wide Web a better and more fun place through innovation and creativity. Not everything about web development is dull and stuffy. There are plenty of individuals in the world of webdev who try to make it more fun and friendly to those...

Cover for 'What Google's FLoC Means for Web Developers.'

What Google's FLoC Means for Web Developers.

google security webdev floc · Posted 21 April 2021

If you’ve been paying any attention recently to the world of web security, you’ve no doubt heard rumblings and mentions of Google’s latest attempt to replace third-party tracking cookies: Federated Learning of Cohorts, or FLoC. FLoC aims to replace third-party tracking by moving data collection to the user’s browser. According...

Cover for 'How to Build and Deploy Your Static Site, Fast and Free!'

How to Build and Deploy Your Static Site, Fast and Free!

github netlify webdev html · Posted 31 March 2021

In this modern day of web development and deployment, there are (seemingly) a million different ways to design, build, and deploy a static or dynamic website. Many of these ways are simply not suitable or appropriate for a simple static site, like a web portfolio or simple Jekyll blog. Plus,...